The Looop CGI Shanghai

The Looop CGI Shanghai

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The Looop CGI as a daughter of the Asia-wide network “The Looop” is founded to cater clients with HiRes Still and Motion Renderings out of 3D- or CAD-data for advertising and marketing purposes.

Production wise we send a specialized CGI-Photographer to the location to capture a “back-plate” and a special “reflections-shot” with a special camera-setup. At the same time in our home base in Shanghai we prepare the data of the car for rendering. When the location-material is coming in we render the car (or product) “into” the location and generate real reflections and shadows by using the actual lighting and surroundings that have been on the location during the time of shooting. Some clients require no “locations” in the background, but want to add a self-designed architecture or tunnel or bridge for example. In this case we build the background as well in 3D and render the car into it.

The Looop CGI caters clients with newest rendering technology and experienced artists, but our main strength is that our founding partners are originally photographers and therefore our very high level of quality-control is always focused on “realism” and an extraordinary lighting.